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SimpleSense speeds up emergency response with sensors and apps that share key information between building owners and first responders

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Building a modern foundation for risk managers

Sensors, smartphones, and cellular data reach into all but the most rural areas, and yet public safety infrastructure remains stuck in a 1970s, top-down, radio-based paradigm not designed for today's exponentially greater volumes of calls and data.

Startups, volunteer firefighters, and open source hackers are building a new foundation for modern, data-intensive public safety operations.

Open, Decentralized & Secure

Today's data rich environment demands tools that instantly and securely share information without requiring a radio.


At this point structure fires are a high risk/low frequency activity. It’s less than 5% of what we do.

Chief Orusa

Fishers Fire Department

First Responders

Access critical, third-party data

First responders have access to critical risk data while en route to an incident

Pilot with us

We're actively seeking additional early adopters and strategic partners to build the next generation of public safety communication.


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Two-way information sharing

Proactive crisis managers need two-way information sharing with public safety officials, a process that upends the traditional inspection and regulation approach to safety.

Automated and predictive

Human-in-the-loop but not in the way, intelligent machines now have the capability to augment human decision-making

Risk Managers

Secure sensitive information

Access to sensitive data is controlled and permanently logged

Deploy devices everywhere

The days of $5,000 laptops are over. Tablets are now free for public safety, apps can run on responders' personal devices.

Receive automated notifications

Receive automated notifications of inbound emergency services to your facility.

Deliver critical information 

Keep critical building information up to date and in the hands of first responders

Integrate existing infrastructure

Leverage existing security personnel and software investments to proactively respond to incidents

Our smartphone and tablet app provides critical risk information on demand about incidents in progress.

Our software links existing public safety management systems, sharing information between crisis management and public safety officials in real time.

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