Outpace cyber threats

Bad actors aren't waiting for us to protect critical infrastructure.

Rapidly authorize and deploy proven commercial cybersecurity solutions for your Operational Technology / Control Systems (OT/CS)

Technicians working on critical water systems.

A proven commercial ecosystem deploying zero trust cyber physical infrastructure

graph showing the rise in cyber threats

“100%* of our critical infrastructure networks are being targeted by adversaries.”

Don’t wait for a vulnerability to be exploited. Protect your mission critical systems now.

*Remarks by Daryl Haegley, Control Systems Cybersecurity, USAF

Data: www.icsstrive.com

a selection of systems that need securing on a military basesystem data being securedencrypted data being output to the right peoplean example of a dashboard monitoring security concernssecure, integrate and monitor critical systems.

Lock out threats at the edge and in the cloud quickly

Ensure your OT/CS is resilient to cyber threats and critical data is rapidly accessible today — not tomorrow.



We install cyber physical infrastructure to securely ingest siloed sensor and system data found on an installation.



We deploy proven commercial cybersecurity solutions to protect sensitive data and detect vulnerabilities faster.



We ensure the delivery of the right data, at the right time, to the right people for peak mission readiness.

Systems patched

Continuously monitored

Threats eliminated

Data shared

First Fast Track ATO for OT/CS in the Air Force

Simplesense was the first contractor to obtain an ongoing Authority to Operate (ATO) for an Air Force industrial control system, made possible through the Air Force A4 Authorization and Assessment process that the Air Force Chief Information Officer recognizes as a Fast Track ATO.

Deploy in a fraction of the time

Simplesense leverages agile methodology, a proven tech stack, industry-leading partners, and commercial best practices to reduce the typical time for authorizations adding new capabilities as ATO iterations.

Proven ability to rapidly secure OT/CS

First Fast Track ATO applied to control systems built with cloud-based automation that enables speed and repeatability of complex solutions, now deployed to 100+ buildings at Tyndall AFB.

Agile, mission experienced team

Enabling the DoD to rapidly adopt commercial technology by applying 50+years of technical expertise solving hard problems at scale around the globe.

Continuous zero trust evolution

Aligning with the latest DoD zero trust architecture enables an Impact Level 5 (IL5) environment deployed cloud to building edge with new control systems authorized in months, instead of years.

Proven commercial ecosystem

Leveraging an ecosystem of industry partners to create cyber physical infrastructure for protecting control systems.

A trusted cybersecurity stack

Simplesense leverages the latest DoD-compliant software tools and open frameworks, as well as our network of technology partners, to build cyber physical infrastructure that outperforms traditional network models on security and scalability.

Technition working on a ICS/OT system

Case Study
Tyndall Air Force Base

1 year development

6 month install

Long-term security

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Simplesense helped the Air Force bolster its installation resilience and secure 100+ buildings with the first cloud-connected Operational Technology system with an ongoing ATO.

Outpace cyber threats

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