Respond Faster.
Save Lives.

Delayed emergency response causes over 140,000 deaths each year in the U.S., 22,000 of which occur at work. Siloed communication between public and private security teams is at the root of these delays.

SimpleSense reduces response times by sharing the most critical information with responders at the very start of an incident. We’re the first Incident Authority (IA), enabling at-scale, trusted, interoperable response. 

Who we're working with

We are currently deployed with public safety agencies and Fortune 500s, universities, property managers, and government institutions to improve emergency response times and provide safer working environments by sharing critical information between all agencies responding to an emergency.

Better incident management with integrated response

Reduced risk

Lower the risk of injury, loss of life, property damage, and lost productivity.

Reduced operator cognitive load

Simplify requirements for security operators by integrating critical information into existing software.

Improved situational awareness

Create a common operating picture for all responders by securely sharing critical information.

“It just works”

Automate information sharing without manual input or extra attention from operators.

How it works

SimpleSense implements Interconnect Agreements between two or more parties. This new type of legal agreement authorizes organizations to share critical information in real-time.

Problem: Emergency Incident

An emergency occurs at work, and an employee calls 911. However, 911 has no means of alerting private security teams of the emergency. Thus, on-site responders remain unaware of the incident until an ambulance shows up at the front door.

Solution: Integrated Data

With SimpleSense, 911 shares dispatch information immediately and automatically with the security team. Within milliseconds, on-site security knows about the incident in progress and initiates their emergency procedures.

Outcome: Faster Response

With better, faster situational awareness, the security team takes action. They find the patient, begin CPR, and escort first responders to the right location. On average, this response saves six minutes per incident.

About SimpleSense

The biggest delay in emergency response stems from siloed communication: local, state, federal, military, and private security agencies all respond with different communication channels and procedures.

Solving this critical problem requires a secure clearinghouse of critical information that interoperates between agencies, enabling two or more parties to securely stream, analyze, and transact in critical information.

In 2018, after attending a government skunkworks hackathon, cofounders Alex & Eric founded SimpleSense to solve this critical problem that causes over 100,000 preventable deaths per year. 

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