STIG Hardened Amazon Linux 2 AMI by Simplesense

We developed this baseline for our work building a secure cyber physical infrastructure for our Department of Defense (DoD) customers and supporting a continued Authority to Operate (ATO) within operationally deployed systems.

Why did we build this?

As we worked to cloud connect Air Force Operational Technology / Control Systems (OT/CS) over the past 3 years, we kept running into the same problem. Any time we’d spin up a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud instance (EC2), we’d have to bring the image into full compliance for our Authority to Operate (ATO) on the defense network.

Every defense contractor developing on AWS has to go through the same process, resulting in hundreds or even thousands of hours a year of duplicate labor. There hasn’t been a ready-built, DoD compliant, constantly updated operating system image available. So we built one.

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  • Specifically hardened to support Department of Defense programs and provide a secure baseline OS for rapid implementation, integration, and compliance.

  • Reduces time to obtain and maintain an Authority to Operate (ATO) by leveraging baselines used in pre-existing programs.

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    The provided Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is hardened per Defense Information Security Agency (DISA) Security Technical Implementation Guidelines (STIG)s and scanned for validation with industry leading tools to ensure a secure baseline.

How do I learn more about Simplesense AMIs?

Interested in learning more about our STIG Hardened Amazon Linux 2 image and how it can help your team? Find resources below to learn more.

The Marketplace

Find the AMI in the AWS Marketplace to find more details about pricing and to purchase and implement the STIG Hardened AL2 AMI.

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Access the developer portal to learn more about how our STIG Hardened AMI works and how you can implement it in your workflow.

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A Trusted Cybersecurity Stack

Simplesense leverages the latest DoD-compliant software tools and open frameworks, as well as our network of technology partners, to build cyber physical infrastructure that outperforms traditional network models on security and scalability.

Technition working on a ICS/OT system

Case Study
Tyndall Air Force Base

1 year development

6 month install

Long-term security

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Simplesense helped the Air Force bolster its installation resilience and secure 100+ buildings with the first cloud-connected Operational Technology system with an ongoing ATO.