Rapidly authorize and deploy proven OT/CS cybersecurity solutions

First OT/CS approved under Fast Track ATO.

Simplesense fuses commercial best practices and open architectures with the latest DoD guidance to protect and monitor OT/CS at the speed of industry.

Deploy dedicated OT infrastructure

Our solution includes an OT stack in every building, an on-premise enclave, an IL5 cloud enclave, and hybrid data lake – all deployed through automated pipelines and secured by continuous monitoring.

DoD Impact Level 5 compliant. Adhering to the DoD’s multi-pronged approach that goes beyond technology solutions to address people, processes, resources, governance and risk management.

Partnered with OT/CS you rely on. Simplesense partners with leading ICS/OT manufacturers to ensure control systems continue to function without disruption.

A group of potential systems that need protection on a military base

Secure the infrastructure that keeps you mission ready

The Simplesense team are practitioners of DevSecOps, architecting security into every stage of development, catching bugs and vulnerabilities before they are operational to lower risk to the system.

Meet DoD zero trust strategy milestones. Reach zero trust milestones ahead of schedule.

Continuous integration, delivery and deployment. Deploy releases on a weekly basis, instead of annually. More frequent releases lead to less accumulated risk over time.

ICS/OT systems secured

Integrate data in the cloud

Our cybersecurity monitoring operates in a secure cloud, relying on a direct connection between the installation and the cloud obtained through the rigorous DISA Cloud Access Point (CAP) process involving multiple agencies and approvals.

Secure and aggregate data from multiple control systems. Allow appropriate access to those who need it and enable broad operational and security analytics.

Leveraging latest technologies. IL5 environment for more powerful analytics, processing, data storage, and interfaces to external systems and resources.

ICS/OT data encrypted and available on the cloud

Monitor and respond to cyber attacks and vulnerabilities

We implement real-time OT traffic monitoring with behavior anomaly alerting and threat intelligence integration.

Secure Data. Cloud security tooling provides continuous monitoring, anti-virus, scanning, patching, and threat detection.

Threat risk assessment and continuous monitoring strategy. Reduce cyber defenders’ decision response time from months to minutes, disrupting an adversary’s kill chain.

Continous monitoring finding a potential security issue
Technition working on a ICS/OT system

Case Study
Tyndall Air Force Base

1 year development

6 month install

Long-term security

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Simplesense helped the Air Force bolster its installation resilience and secure 100+ buildings with the first cloud-connected Operational Technology system with an ongoing ATO.