A trusted cybersecurity stack

Simplesense leverages the latest DoD-compliant commercial software tools and open frameworks, as well as our network of technology partners, to build cyber physical infrastructure that outperforms traditional network models on security and scalability.

Scalable, repeatable, and secure

Built with current, DoD compliant commercial software tools and open frameworks, Simplesense’s infrastructure-as-code approach paired with automated deployment pipelines yields improved scalability, repeatability, and security compared to traditional networks.

What’s in the stack?

Our solution includes multiple components, such as an OT Stack at every building, an on-premise OT Enclave, an IL5 Cloud Enclave, and a hybrid data lake – built using an infrastructure-as-code focus and deployable through automated pipelines, secured by continuous monitoring.

Simplesense tech stack graphic
A graphic showing how Simplesense protects critical infrustructure through physical hardware, a on-premise enclave, and cybersecurity systems on the cloud.

Systems patched

Patch on an ongoing basis instead of waiting years between upgrades.

Continuously monitored

Transform real-time data into actionable information, gaining visibility of OT down to level 1.

Threats eliminated

Prevent attackers from lingering inside critical systems, leveraging machine learning to detect and eliminate threats.

Data shared

Break down information silos, improving situational awareness and response times.

OT Stack

Small form-factor networking and compute nodes installed in every comm closet push security to the edge and protect ICS IP traffic from the point of origin at every building edge.

OT Enclave

Fault-tolerant networking and on-premises compute clusters with the ability to host ICS systems and collect meaningful ICS system data to make it useful for the right people at the right time.

Cloud Enclave

IL5 access to more powerful analytics, processing, data storage, and interfaces to external systems and resources. Additionally, cloud-hosted security tooling provides continuous monitoring, anti-virus, scanning, patching, and threat detection.

Data Services

High-availability database with seamless replication between on-premise locations and the cloud. Operational data is secured and usable for operational and analytical insights across technologies.

Partner ecosystem

Simplesense believes the next generation of defense contractors will work within consortiums of like-minded partners. We focus our expertise on cloud infrastructure and OT cybersecurity and partner with the following companies to protect critical OT/CS systems and unlock siloed data with the combined knowledge of a partner ecosystem.