SimpleSense speeds emergency response with sensors and apps that securely share key information between security operators and first responders

Security needs to know of every emergency at the very start. However, cell phone 911 calls and Text-to-911 cut private security out of the loop. Modern emergency response requires new, automated solutions that integrate directly with government data sources.

Reduce Risk

Reduce liability

Lower risk of injury, loss of life, property damage, and down time with rapid response

Pilots in progress

Sparked by the Secure Erie Accelerator, we're piloting a new approach to securely sharing emergency information in Erie, Pa., alongside City, County, corporate, and property manager partners.


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Improve Operations

Improve security posture

Proactively respond to incidents instead of reacting when first responders arrive

Alerts for 99% of 911 calls

Receive notice of calls to 911 at your location, even if no one dials security directly

Reduce response time to victims

Speed response times to victims by up to 6 minutes

Receive authoritative alerts

Direct from authorized 911 data feeds, no third party sources, delays, or phone calls

Integrate existing infrastructure

Use existing standard operating procedures, no new software or training required

Ensure rapid response with automatic 911 alerts

Faster emergency response with automatic 911 alerts

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Leverage existing infrastructure

Receive alerts for each unit dispatched to your geofence

Alerts arrive within seconds of 911 dispatching units

Integrate with existing software such as Ever- bridge, D4H, Stabilitas, and NC4

Add text or tone alerts to radios, direct from 911 data

Export incident logs into reporting tools such as Domo, Splunk, Power BI

How it works




SimpleSense coordinates with local public safety officials to access real-time 911 data and define a geofence for alerts.

Integrate 911 alerts into your existing software and procedures, sending test alerts, updating staff and training.

Implement new procedures with real-time 911 alerts.

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We're actively seeking additional early adopters and strategic partners to build the next generation of public safety.